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From the moment when you need to seek the services of oocyte donors or surrogate mothers have genetic parents may experience doubts and fears. Our company has no small experience in solving all issues and ensure a successful outcome to comply interesovvseh parties who participated in any of the programs.
Professionals of the «Heritage» can and are ready to take a decision on the majority of problems:
- Surrogacy
- The implementation of search and selection of women willing to help you carry and give birth to a child
- The direction of surrogate mothers in the survey in a reliable and specialized clinics and laboratories
- Full support of a surrogate mother during the entire period of gestation of the child (the doctor, monitoring of compliance with prescriptions, and receive the necessary drugs, etc.)
- After the pregnancy, osuschestvlenieezhemesyachnyh payments to a surrogate mother in the high-calorie diet and, if necessary, help with buying clothes appropriate size
- Issues related to delivery (assistance in selecting a maternity hospital)
- Legal aid (to collect the necessary documents to extract the baby from the hospital and registered in the Civil Registry Office, working with a notary)
- Guarantee payment of compensation to a surrogate mother at the end of the program
- Oocyte donation
- The implementation of search and selection of the donor oocytes with the ability to view an extensive profiles with photos
- Support for an examination in a reliable and specialized clinics and laboratories
- Full support of the donor oocytes throughout the training period, until the end of the protocol and obtain ova (doctor visit, enforcement purposes, and receive the necessary drugs at a certain time of day, etc.).
- Guarantee payment of compensation to the donor oocytes at the end of the program.
- Embryo donation
- Advice and support implementation of the program of donor embryos for in vitro fertilization using donor oocytes and sperm.
- Providing opportunities for donated embryos option that protects the interests of the participants in this program — a donation of frozen embryos the couple plans are fully implemented on the composition of the family and gave its consent to the transfer of frozen embryos, a family that needs them.
Our experts have a wealth of experience that allows us to solve the most complex issues. Turning to the center of the «Heritage», you can be sure that infertility — it is not a sentence. We will help you find the happiness of motherhood, following noveyshimmetodam in the field of reproductive technologies.

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