Sperm donor

Donor sperm — the birth of a new life

Unfortunately, sometimes a happy family life breaks one problem — the lack of children. There are many reasons, for example, one spouse suffers from an incurable infertility or is a carrier of a genetic disease. Take a child from the orphanage — option is not for everyone, so in some cases come to the aid of donor sperm bank, to use the services which offers you the center of the «Heritage».
Donor sperm in St. Petersburg — service of «Heritage»
So you made a choice, and you need a sperm donor. The question is: where to find it? After all, the problem is rather delicate, and it is unlikely you’ll stick around town type declaration: «The couple is looking for sperm donors.» Of course, you must apply to a credible organization.
Center «Heritage» ensures:
full confidentiality;
absolute compliance with legislation;
implementation of all health standards and requirements with respect to donor sperm in St. Petersburg:
men from 20 to 40 years;
the absence of diseases and congenital malformations such as alcoholism or drug addiction;
availability of healthy children;
storage of donor sperm in accordance with the sanitary standards.
In addition, the sperm donor in St. Petersburg always goes all the required medical research and deliver a number of appropriate analyzes.
In our bank donor semen contains information available only to doctors for optimal selection of the right candidate, and the range of information that is reported of the recipient (the physical parameters of the donor).
The price range for the services of sperm donors is quite wide, it often depends on the level chosen clinic. Definitely it should be noted that the savings in such an important situation is not quite appropriate.
You crave the heir — the center of the «Heritage» will open the doors in front of you a happy future.