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For all those who applied to the center of the «Heritage», we strictly individually pick up the necessary program and will render the following services:
Surrogate motherhood program.
We are willing to offer a surrogate mother from an existing database, esliVas not satisfied nominations (no surrogate mother to the Rh factor is required, the conditions of residence, nationality), and the guarantee for the period from one week to one mesyatsapodobrat new candidate matches your requirements.
- Carry out psychological testing surrogate mother’s willingness to participate in the program
- Organize a full examination in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health, each surrogate mother
- After pregnancy, the surrogate mother will be attached to an individual accompanying a psychologist for the entire period of gestation until delivery.
- Helping legally competent to draw up a contract between any of the parties interaction.
- To prepare a package of documents on the statement of the child from the hospital and registered in the Civil Registry Office.
Oocyte donation program.
In our extensive database offer to pick up egg donor, the maximum corresponding to your phenotype.
- Provides support surveyed the donor with all the necessary tests on the reception to the doctor, who are being treated genetic parents.
- After a positive confirmation of the suitability of the donor physician, start with the last pre-treatment processes.
- Oversees the timely visit to the doctor donor oocytes for Adherence to essential drugs in the flesh to the final stage — puncture (egg retrieval).
Program donor embryos.
- Look at the possibilities to use the program donor embryos.
- We advise in what clinic is necessary to apply for the success of the program.
- To provide information on the donor embryo (with the consent of the donor embryos) and the number of embryos that are in the cryo-storage.
If you are interested in one of the proposed programs, we are prepared to discuss all aspects of maintenance, payment of interaction.

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