07/27/2015 Rostov on Don

With the company of “Heritage” we started to cooperate with the May 2012 plan programs IVF clinic Euromed Invitro. In our program, we attended a surrogate mother and egg donor. Unfortunately podsadok five were unsuccessful. In the sixth and seventh replanting we took two surrogate mothers. All turned to the difference in two weeks, both pregnant. As a result, we were born a girl and a boy. All our relatives and family are grateful for the attention with which we react to Elena and her assistants. It was professional support SM am during pregnancy, reports and sozvonki were regular. Like a precise work on the preparation of documents to be discharged from the hospital and children’s interaction with the notary. All the staff of “Heritage” thank you, grateful dad.

05/21/2015 Leningrad region.
We thank the agency “Heritage” in the person of Elena Vladimirovna. You have supported us and helped at a time when we’re desperate, for 9 years, we could not have a baby. Finally, luck smiled and we are very afraid to startle her. We sincerely thank Elena and Victor.

04/26/2015 Moscow

Thanks to the company’s “Heritage” for their professionalism in the business. Thank you for your egg donor with a negative Rh factor. I have been looking for, but only in the Legacy we managed to pick the girl who met all our requirements. With donors working in the clinic, Pushkin DSP. The prosperity of your company and more good deeds. Tatiana and Oleg

03/14/2015 Germany

The birth of our twins obligation of “Heritage”, thanks for teamwork, for the well-oiled mechanism of interaction between us, a surrogate mother (thanks to Oksana), Euromed Clinic Invitro. All turned out well. Everyone who helped us – low bow … Regards, Inga.

02.15.2015 Saint-Petersburg
We are grateful to the “Heritage”, and Elena Vladimirovna, with the egg donor! It is also grateful to Dr. Krikheli IO Ott from the Institute.

01.24.2015 Saint-Petersburg
Many thanks to the company’s “Heritage” Elena Vladimirovna, for helping us find a surrogate mother, and with her help, we give birth to the baby. A happy family!

01.19.2015 Saint-Petersburg

Thanks to the company’s “Heritage” for the help in the selection of the donor oocytes. The company operates at a high level, but no less important is the human attitude to us and our problem. Thank you again, very helpful !!! Family Klashnikovyh

01.17.2015 Saint-Petersburg

Thanks to the company’s “Heritage” for assistance in donor programs. The work was carried out very quickly. Search, selection and examination before realized in a short time, we did not expect. Family Tkachev

10/12/2014 Nizhny Novgorod

Elena Vladimirovna Thank you for helping us find a surrogate mother. Replanting done in Ava-Peter Dr. Kornilov Nikolay Valerievich. Pregnancy was successful and was 08/12/2014 We had a wonderful kid. Thanks to all

02.10.2014 Saint-Petersburg

Thank you Elena Vladimirovna, for understanding my question. I am today a happy dad. Our situation is not easy, what I decided on a program of surrogacy and oocyte donation prompted an example of Philip Kirkorov. I have no wife, but I am a happy and caring father. We have a lot of relatives and many nurses, so that we grow in love and care. In my 50 years, I felt a thirst for life and wants to fully dedicate himself without reserve raising little daughter. All the best to you, Elena and your family.

08.17.2014 Saint-Petersburg

Thank you for the joy in life, for a holiday in the soul of my husband and me. Your help and participation in our fate probably not accidental. Thank heavens for that, and you, Elena. Best wishes, Helena, and of course Nikolay Anya.

08.15.2014 Uzbekistan, Tashkent

The company of “Heritage” has helped our family find a donor egg. There were doubts on the selection of the donor, because we are Uzbeks, but Elena fairly quickly offered us a suitable candidate, a very good girl, she was a special thank you. Pregnancy in our surrogate mother came on the first try. Thanks to the company’s “Heritage”, as well as thanks to Dr. Kamenetskii of Ava Peter.

07/23/2014 Moscow

Thank you Elena Vladimirovna for assistance in arranging surrogacy program. Our CM did replanting in Moscow and had to accompany her there and back. Everything went well. In February 2014 We had a son. Thanks to everyone who participated in our destiny. Family Ozerov.

04/12/2014 Karelia, Kondopoga

Thanks to the company’s “Heritage” in the face Elena Vladimirovna for assistance in selecting a donor egg. At the second attempt a pregnancy, and finally we had a son. Thanks to the staff of “Heritage”, the clinic and the doctor Zabelkin MTSRM OI

04/07/2014 United States, Los Angeles

In our musical family everything was fine, but his 49 years of realized that we needed all that we know and are able to pass on to our children. Thanks to the “Heritage” with the help of a surrogate mother and egg donor, we gave birth to twins, a girl. Thank you very much to Elena Vladimirovna and her team of like-minded people for a noble cause. Sincerely, Olga and Michael Ocean.

03/22/2014 Kabardino-Balkaria, Nalchik

We are grateful to the staff agency “Heritage” for helping our family to gain long-awaited happiness to become a mother and father of two wonderful kids. We are all well, and what you want. Let good luck to you in all your projects.

02.13.2014 Saint-Petersburg

I was a donor oocytes in “Heritage” four times. I want to say about the attentive staff of the company. All obligations on support in the record and payment of the fee is always carried out in full. Ready to continue cooperation, invite. Anastasia.

30.12.2013 United Kingdom, Manchester

Thank you Elena Vladimirovna and her assistants for helping us in the search and selection of the donor oocytes spring. Yesterday son. Cheers … we now have three, maybe then it will be more. We will re-apply only in the company of “Heritage”. All the best and good luck in business.

03/10/2013 Family of Murmansk

Grateful parents tell us, “Heritage” for the long-awaited son … Thank you!

01.09.2013 Saint-Petersburg.

With us, it was not easy. I can not take drugs so many times in the natural cycle of preparing for taking a n / a (to bear a child for health reasons I can not). Enlists the aid of Surrey. mother. The first experience was bad (we cheated SM). The company of “Heritage” helped us a lot. In a short time we have selected for the CM in the Awa-Peter clinic with Dr. Kornilov hoisted the embryo and is now waiting for the twins at the beginning of 2014 thanks Elena, you are a wonderful person and a great professional. Good luck to you and your team. :) :) :)

08/15/2013 St. Petersburg.

Many thanks to all the staff of “Heritage” for helping us in choosing egg donor and surrogate mother. On the third attempt she became pregnant at the CM. Good luck in your good deeds!

06/12/2013 Uzbekistan.

With the help of the clinic and of course MTSRM of “Heritage” in the person of General Director Ionosovoy Elena Vladimirovna, we have successfully participated in the program of oocyte donation. Pregnancy my wife came on the first try. Thank you all very much!

04/17/2013 Khabarovsk.

There were several attempts to work with the donor I / k, but the company “Heritage” helped us at the first attempt. It was nice to chat with Elena Vladimirovna Ionosovoy, which pleasantly surprised by their attitude to work with us, to the selection of and interaction with the institution of Otta, where we did replanting, in a word – the pros. Very grateful. There is a high probability that back again. Thank you.

04/13/2013 Family of Izhevsk.

We are grateful to the “Heritage” for the miracle that was only possible with the help of egg donor and surrogate mother. Everything was at a high professional level, did not notice that a year has passed, and our family was increased by another two girls. MANY THANKS!!!