Do you want to become a surrogate mother?

Surrogacy — a long-awaited opportunity to have a child

In cases where the couple is unable to have a child for any medical condition, comes to the aid of such an achievement of modern medicine as surrogacy. This method requires greater effort — from the search for a surrogate mother to financial expenses. The company of «Heritage» is ready to assist you in dealing with this complex issue.
What is surrogacy
Surrogate motherhood — is the implantation of a fertilized egg, which is taken for the genetic material of the spouses, a woman who later bears and gives birth. In Russia, this procedure is absolutely legitimate and legally justified. An obstacle to its implementation can only be ethical or religious considerations, but also the money issue, because surrogacy price is quite high.
Services provided by «Heritage» for surrogacy
Often, families are having trouble finding a surrogate mother. Our company will take over most of the hassle by providing the following services:
Selection of surrogate mother.
Medical checkup.
Psychological preparation of the potential mother.
Making all the necessary medical documents.
After replanting the surrogate mother of the embryo support throughout the period of pregnancy.
Consulting spouses and surmateri during the entire period of gestation of the child.
We are one of the trustworthy companies providing donor services in St. Petersburg, so when you contact us customers with guaranteed quality and confidentiality.
How much is surrogacy
Last question, exciting couple reshivshiesya for this procedure — how much will it cost surrogacy? In different regions and cities, prices can fluctuate over a fairly wide range. Therefore, a clear answer to this question is no, because the final cost is determined individually in each case and depends on the following factors:
Who is involved in the selection of the surrogate mother. If you trust the case of the company, the services are paid according to the price list. If you are looking for a surrogate mother on their own (possible contract with the next of kin or trusted acquaintances), then of course it will be cheaper.
Accommodation, food, clothing for pregnant women, medical surveillance during the entire period of pregnancy. On the services of a surrogate mother price may be higher than that stipulated in advance, as in the process of gestation is needed drugs or buying additional medical examination.
Dimensions total compensation after the appearance of the child’s mother. In surrogacy contract value is determined by pre-agreed and signed by both parties.
Payment of the road, if the surrogate mother lives in another city. At specialized clinics of St. Petersburg have a customer base of women who are ready to become a surrogate mother, but sometimes among them may not find those that fit on all counts, and then you can search in other regions.
Payment for medical services in the event of heavy labor or a cesarean section.
All of the above must be taken into account when ascertaining the question — how much will it cost a surrogate mother? — And be prepared to incur additional costs.
By what criteria is selected a surrogate mother
Surrogacy program includes the presentation of the specific requirements of women, ready to provide their services, namely:
A strict age limit. Expectant mothers should not be less than 25 and not more than 30 years.
Having a healthy baby.
Mental and physical health of the woman, which provides services of a surrogate mother.
Our company has an excellent reputation and guarantees compliance with all the legal, medical and economic standards defined by the state in the issue of surrogate motherhood. In all cases that require surrogate mothers, we provide a complete package of services to both stakeholders.
The company of «Heritage» guard of maternity and health
Turning to our medical company, you can be certain that you will get:
Selection of surrogate mother, made by qualified experts.
Competent support during pregnancy.
Timely diagnosis, secured using the latest equipment.
The approach to each case individually and calculation of the cost of the surrogate mother with all the nuances of each client individually.
Registration of all legal documents for the newborn.
Strict adherence to contract terms.
With our help of a surrogate mother services are available to anyone who wants to know the happiness of motherhood, but can not have a baby.
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