Do you want to become a donor oocytes?

Egg donors — help infertile couples

There are times when the couple for some reason can not have your baby. However, infertility — not a sentence, for with the help of the center of the «Heritage», you may well be able to bear and give birth to a baby genetically native you. The idea is to hire the services of a donor egg provided by our company.

Donor egg / oocyte — your chance to become happy

So, if a woman has a problem with their own eggs (due to illness or elderly age), the search for a donor oocytes, perhaps, the only option is almost self childbearing. In this case, you will come to the aid of the company «Heritage». We can offer our clients:

An extensive database as regularly place ads on «Requires a donor egg», realizing thus a constant search for the donor oocytes.
We guarantee absolute anonymity of both prospective parents and the donor.
Any donor oocytes also runs a thorough medical examination, including the surrender of a number of laboratory tests (a list of which can be found on our website) and consulting specialists, respectively, you can not worry about the quality of the biological material.
Searches egg donor — what to do

If you have finally decided that you need a donor oocytes, can only attend to the search process. For this issue requires extremely seriously, because it is a question of your future, so, of course, is to apply only to trustworthy reproductive center.

There is no doubt that in the search for a donor egg you browse many private classified ads, and different sites. However, you should not choose the first available. If a couple who is looking for egg donors turn to the center of the «Heritage», she will be able to:

choose the appropriate person from our data bank;
get competent advice of doctors, psychologists and lawyers.
Egg donors selected from our bank data is guaranteed to have good health, be sure to also have at least one child. Additionally, you can choose the man most similar to you or your relatives.

If you need an egg donor, the appeal to the center «Heritage» — the best choice. We stand on guard for the nation’s health and reproductive care about population growth, long and successfully helping nature.

Call, ask questions,

and we advise and help.

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