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“Heritage” St. Petersburg 940-46-58; 940-46-73
The company of “Heritage” is one of the few in St. Petersburg center, professionally and responsibly dealing with sensitive issues such as infertility, assistance in this matter, or rather the implementation of technical, legal and psychological support programs, surrogacy and oocyte donation, embryo donation.
The company of “Heritage” always priderzhivaetsyasamyh strict principles in dealing with future parents, including goodwill, openness, of course, confidentiality, reliability and validity.
We are working on the result and it means that your appeal will be left without due attention.
If necessary, we will provide fully trained consultation in the area of ​​reproductive technologies, will help you choose the clinic, help with any physician reproductologist it, you will be comfortable to work and communicate.
In the company of “Heritage”, quickly, with the necessary care and tact will select for genetic couples egg donor at the same time, we will be accompanied by a donor during the whole period of preparation for the egg retrieval and monitor such important moments of the program, as the examination of the donor, doctor visit, reception prescription drugs at certain times.
Our center assumes all obligations fully in support of a surrogate mother during the entire program beginning with the search, selection, survey. After pregnancy psihologneizmenno our experienced support and accompany the surrogate mother during the entire period of gestation. Starting with 32-36 weeks of pregnancy, we provide legal assistance in the formation of a package of documents to extract the baby from the hospital and its registration in the registry offices.
As a result of fruitful work of our friendly team of the most important events in your life – obtaining a document of the birth certificate of your child in which your names indicating that your family has now become another one man more.
“And they lived happily ever after… ”
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